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Money in the News: Saving Money, Bank of America, American’s Going Frugal, Kickstart Your Financial New Year

About Economics has been posting an interesting three-part series on “Plugging up the Money Drain”. There are some really great tips here. Refrigerators υѕе a lot οf electricity. A refrigerator ten οr more years οƖԁ mау υѕе аbουt twice thе … Continue reading

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Money Drain: $1500 Fined and 2 Days in Jail for Procrastinating

Three and a half years ago I was pulled over and handed a speeding ticket by an LA Sheriff. What can I say? I drive an M3 and I like driving fast. Anyway, I found myself being too cool to … Continue reading

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Success Story: Outfit a Baby Nursery for $260 posted a very informative article on outfitting a baby nursery for less than $260. One of my earliest scores was a free crib. I was shopping at the local consignment store when the owner mentioned that she had a … Continue reading

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