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Money in the News: Saving Money, Bank of America, American’s Going Frugal, Kickstart Your Financial New Year

About Economics has been posting an interesting three-part series on “Plugging up the Money Drain”. There are some really great tips here.

Refrigerators υѕе a lot οf electricity. A refrigerator ten οr more years οƖԁ mау υѕе аbουt twice thе energy οf a nеw, efficient one. Taking averages іntο consideration, thе οƖԁ one mіɡht bе costing уου аbουt two hundred dollars more a year tο rυn thаn a nеw one. Wіth аnу refrigerator, regularly check thе seals fοr leaks аnԁ vacuum thе coils аnԁ vents аѕ thеу collect dust.

Citizens Voice posted an article about a woman who does some extreme savings.

Urban also recommends shopping online for everything from toys to toilet paper. Shopping in pajamas is convenient, particularly with moms of small kids. Many online retailers have free shipping, and you have the luxury of reviewing your cart and avoiding impulse buys. Finally, have a plan for what you’ll do with all that extra cash.

The Consumerist posts about how Bank of America charged a man $39.23 on his $0 balance.

Bank of America charged Roger $39.23 in interest on his credit card, even though he had a zero balance. How could that be?

Chicago Tribune reports that when Roger asked Bank of America for an explanation, he got one. But it didn’t make sense. He had run up a $5,734.13 balance, got $1,450 in credit from two of the merchants, and paid off the remaining balance. So how can you get charged interest where there’s nothing due on the account?

Fox Business posts about how Americans are taking a more DIY approach in 2012.

Americans plan to apply this new DIY-attitude across the board: to their vacations, staying in shape and even beauty maintenance. Consumers are also looking to scale back and save more money this year.
According to the “What’s on Your Slate?” survey released Wednesday by JPMorgan’s Chase Card Services, 46% of respondents say they will exercise at home or outdoors instead of paying for a gym or health club membership. Additionally, 59% plan to pamper themselves at home rather than visiting a spa or salon this year.

Get Rich Slowly posts about kickstarting new habits with this awesome 30 day challenge.

Still, a new year signifies a new beginning, and it’s a time when many people reflect on the past year. If you’ve made a resolution, one way to kick your year off right is with a 30-day challenge. I don’t mean an insanely restrictive budget or cutting back on the cocoa in your hot chocolate to save money. A challenge should be interesting and fun — not something you dread. And who cares that it’s already January 5? Dates are just dates. Try one challenge, and maybe when it’s over you’ll try another.

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Crystal Groves is a farmer, web developer, musician, blogger, and personal finance enthusiast from the back hills of Maryland and Pennsylvania. She started Money Drain as a project to encourage people interested in fixing their financial situation to share their stories and learn from the stories of others. We all make mistakes, but in order to change we have to make changes.

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