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Welcome fans of Bryan Voltaggio

Today Bryan Voltaggio of Volt Restaurant and Top Chef fame retweeted a request I had to plug this site. I’ve known Bryan for a bit now, since I work above his restaurant and eat his food on occasion (he is an amazing chef). So I am eternally grateful that he took the time to plug my endeavor here.

For those of you coming to check out the site, don’t hesitate to also follow me on Twitter. I am going to be holding a contest starting Sunday to give away a $25 gift card to for twitter followers, so now is a good time to follow. You can also like us on Facebook, subscribe to our RSS Feed, or sign up for our mailing list on the right.

This site is basically a place for people to submit stories of how they’ve lost or wasted money, or share stories of their financial successes. Have a story to share? Don’t hesitate to submit it! It doesn’t matter how big or small the amount of money was that you might have lost, wasted, or saved, submit your story anyway 🙂

About Crystal Groves, Google+

Crystal Groves is a farmer, web developer, musician, blogger, and personal finance enthusiast from the back hills of Maryland and Pennsylvania. She started Money Drain as a project to encourage people interested in fixing their financial situation to share their stories and learn from the stories of others. We all make mistakes, but in order to change we have to make changes.

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