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Money Tip: Christmas and Taxes Don’t Have to Empty the Piggy Bank

My boyfriend Donald and I did our regular balancing of our accounts the other day. We are 30% to our goal of funds we have budgeted for the holidays this year. What? The Holidays? We just FINISHED the holiday season, … Continue reading

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Money in the News: $900,000,000+ in Owed Taxes, Student Loan Debt, Grandma Meets Kickstarter Goal, 9 Common Tax Deductions, St. Patrick’s Day Money Drain Infographic

The Consumerist writes about 984k people that are owed over $900 million dollars from 2009. A lot of people who fail to file their taxes each year do so because they assume they will have to owe money or won’t … Continue reading

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Money in the News: JC Penney 40% Markdown, Saving Money vs. Paying Debt, Saving Money with Raw Food, 9 Ways to Waste Money, Saving Money Infographic

The Consumerist posts about J.C. Penney is doing away with sales and marking down all merchandise 40%. No more waiting for items to go on sale at JCPenney, as the company has announced it’ll be marking all of its merchandise … Continue reading

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