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Money Tip: Christmas is Over, Here’s What You Do Now

Now that Christmas is over, and many of you are coming down off the Holiday clouds and getting your feet back into the workforce (except for me, I have off till January 3rd :)), now is the time to start … Continue reading

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Guest Post and Money Tip: Prepare Your Finances for the Christmas Season

This is a guest post by Andrew Black. Andrew has been working in the debt relief industry for several years, helping people with credit card debt. Everyone is excited about Christmas. The season is a time for merrymaking and gift-giving. … Continue reading

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Success Story: $85 Saved by Being Aware and Frugal

This is a personal story about how I saved a friend $85 recently. I had recently used my emergency fund to replace a dryer in our house and was working on replenishing the balance (and have since done so). But … Continue reading

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