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Money Drain: Trying the “Get Rich Quick” schemes lost them everything

My uncle is a dictionary example of someone that has wasted money his entire life. As long as I’ve known him he’s been the type of person to go after the next “Get Rich Quick” scheme. From potato commodities to … Continue reading

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Money In The News: 25% of Retirees Have No Savings

CNN Money has a sad but stark reality article on how 25% of Retirees have no savings.  This particular topic is of great interest to me, because of the situation my father is in. More than half, 53%, said they … Continue reading

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Looking Glass: Starting up a Roth IRA

I’ve been mulling over and over the last 6 months about where to open a Roth IRA. I finally decided on T.Rowe Price because they do not have a minimum deposit requirement as long as you sign up for their … Continue reading

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