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Money Tip and Guest Post: Time to Cut the Fat. How you can save over 80 cents a pound by cutting your own meat

This is an article written by a good friend of mine, Tim.  As long as I’ve known him he’s been sort of a meat and cheese connoisseur, and he’s always looking for ways to save money on bulk meat purchases. … Continue reading

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Money Tip: Christmas and Taxes Don’t Have to Empty the Piggy Bank

My boyfriend Donald and I did our regular balancing of our accounts the other day. We are 30% to our goal of funds we have budgeted for the holidays this year. What? The Holidays? We just FINISHED the holiday season, … Continue reading

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Money Tip: Reprogram Your Way of Thinking About Your Expenses

One of the main reasons I started The Money Drain is because I used to be REALLY bad with money.  I’m talkin a 525 FICO score with a couple thousand dollars in debt driving a 1978 Ford Bronco and spending $80/week … Continue reading

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