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Success Story: We Paid for our Wedding with Junk

My husband and I were trying to figure out a way to pay for our wedding.  We did not have money saved up or parental help, plus we wanted to do this for ourselves.  We decided we would sell as much of our excess junk as we could and see how much money we could raise.  We started with his gaming book collection that was collecting dust, and I drug out old clothes, jewelry, and anything else I could find.  It took a while to get everything sold, but we ended up raising $3,000 for our small wedding, and I couldn’t be more happier!

Submitted by: Amanda

Lesson Learned:
I met Amanda in 2010 at one of my “Personal Finance 101” classes I was teaching in Virginia.  I was so impressed when she told me this story during the discussion period, I asked her to share her story here.

This is such a wonderful and frugal way to save up money for something you really want.  So much of our junk laying around the house is quite literally “cash collecting dust”.  Why not sell it and not only clean out the clutter in your home, but the overwhelming feelings of having too much “stuff” and the liberating feelings of having the money available for the things that are important.

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Crystal Groves is a farmer, web developer, musician, blogger, and personal finance enthusiast from the back hills of Maryland and Pennsylvania. She started Money Drain as a project to encourage people interested in fixing their financial situation to share their stories and learn from the stories of others. We all make mistakes, but in order to change we have to make changes.

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