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Success Story: Saved $25 and cost Wal-Mart $600

How I Save Money posted an interesting article this past winter on how they managed to save on a purchase that ended up costing Wal-Mart $600.

Well as soon as I flipped the box I noticed that the lobsters had expired in JUNE of this year!!!!
I brought the lobster back and got a refund and went back to the freezer to see if I could find a replacement that was fresh since I was really CRAVING lobster now. I looked at the first box and it was expired too, second box same thing. I flipped two rows of boxes only to find that they all had the same expiry date and I was getting annoyed but I could see a third row way in the back that hopefully would have some good lobster.

I called an employee to help me reach the boxes in the back since they were on the top shelf and I was not tall enough to reach but to my dismay they were all expired as well. The employee said that they would just have to trash all of them and he merrily got out his little scanner and began scanning boxes and throwing them onto a cart, while calling yet another employee to get on disposal duty. He then cheerfully said to me that there were 24 boxes on the shelf so that was a loss of $600 to the company but on the bright side I could try the crab legs because he knows they are fresh.

Read the Full Story: I Saved Myself $24.92 And Cost Walmart $600

Lesson Learned:
For some reason I’m reminded of the episode of “Hoarders” where the woman kept all that expired and rotten food in her house, at least in terms of the grocery store stock. There’s not really a money saving tip here, in that I wouldn’t ever suggest someone purchase expired food. But certainly it’s a smart tip on how not to waste money by checking your expiration dates before purchase.

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