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Success Story: I Defeated Scammers When My Bank Couldn’t

The Consumerist posts a story about a guy who took it into his own hands to beat a scammer.

I have an account with Chase Bank that unfortunately had some fraudulent charges made to it on 3/5/11. One to a Furniture Store in the United Kingdom for $748 and the other to an online pharmacy for $319. I found out about it while checking my balance on my cell phone the day it happened. I call Chase and notify them of the issue. They tell me that there is nothing they could do until the charges are no longer pending. This makes me furious the only thing that they can do is cancel my card.

I was very surprised at my results. The charges are still pending today and Chase still can’t technically do anything. The products would have shipped by now and I would have been waiting on there frauds department. I will still process a claim but it is mind boggling to me why I had to do this myself.

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Lesson Learned:
Honestly I probably wouldn’t have thought to do this myself, so am very impressed with the authors initiative to try and defeat the scammer by canceling the orders of the products. I’ve heard other stories of banks unable to stop transactions until the transaction is already processed, which does not make any sense to me either.

I also want to point out the author was able to catch the thief because he checked his account, which is something I’ve always advocating doing daily if possible. It may end up saving you a lot of heartache.

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