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Success Story and Money Tip: Saving Money on your Babies

Saving Secrets had a submission by Barbara on how she saved money while raising her two babies.

2. I breastfed my daughter for one year, and my son for two years. They were able to go right to cow’s milk without any allergy problems. I never had to buy infant formula, which is expensive, smelly, and stains baby clothes terribly. Besides, breast milk is better for baby, since it provides all the needed immunities. And I never had to get up and heat up a bottle in the middle of the night!….

..3. I washed my own cloth diapers. At first, I had a gift of diaper service, but it was costly. I bought cloth diapers on sale, and used purchased diaper liners with them and plastic pants. Unless the liners were very soiled, I did not throw them away, but put them in the diaper pail with the diapers. I washed the diapers in a solution recommended by Heloise in her column, using bleach and powdered automatic dishwasher detergent. It works like magic getting out stains and the diapers were always snowy white. I reused the diaper liners until they disintegrated. They looked like Handi- Wipes; I suppose those, cut down a bit, could be used if one could not locate diaper liners. My diaper pail was just a large plastic pail with a tight fitting lid that I kept in the laundry room. I have never really liked disposable diapers because of the wood pulp and chemicals in them (not good for baby’s skin), and because of the landfill issue.

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Lesson Learned:
Having babies doesn’t have to be expensive. I have never had children, but I was 14 when my sister was born so I am familiar with the care and supplies needed as I was often her care-taker. I also have several relatives that have had or are having small children and their baby-shower “wishlists” can also be filled with things I feel are unnecessary (baby wipe warmer, anyone?).

My generation, and certainly generations before me, were raised without much of the current add-ons. Much of what we think we need or what would make things easier on us, are entirely a waste of money. Used baby clothes alone are extremely easy to come by and most are in excellent shape.

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