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Success Story: A Year of Minimal Effort Money Saved = $2361.47

Since May 2010, on my personal blog I’ve been doing monthly posts of little things I was doing to save money. Things that hardly took any effort at all. In fact, I wanted it to be as minimally invasive to my routine as possible. I purchased some coupons, I shopped sales, I looked up coupon codes for online purchases, etc.

After a year of posting my monthly savings, I finally ended up with a total of $2361.47 saved throughout 12 months of minimal effort.

I posted a list of various methods I went through to save money on the blog. Some methods included purchasing coupons for a few cents off of that would save me many dollars, looking up coupon codes on anytime I was going to make an online purchase, forming my grocery lists around what was on sale at the local grocer, etc. I believe it was a very insightful experiment, one that I plan to continue permanently.

Submitted by: Crystal

Lesson Learned:
While this is my own submission of my own experiment, I think it really shows how just being aware before making purchases can save you quite a chunk of change. If we can save over $2300 with minimal effort, imagine the amount of money we could save if we really started focusing on reducing our expenses?

About Crystal Groves, Google+

Crystal Groves is a farmer, web developer, musician, blogger, and personal finance enthusiast from the back hills of Maryland and Pennsylvania. She started Money Drain as a project to encourage people interested in fixing their financial situation to share their stories and learn from the stories of others. We all make mistakes, but in order to change we have to make changes.

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