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Money in the News: When We Waste posts an interesting perspective on how people can make a mistake relying on two incomes.

Now think about that two-income family in the biggest house they can afford.

What if something goes wrong?

Dad gets laid off. Mom gets injured. One of the children gets sick, or Grand Mother or Grand Father come back to live in the house.

Zero Passive Income posts about why they will not go extreme couponing.

But when I watch this the show and see just how extreme people have gone with couponing it looks like it borders on an unhealthy obsession. But aside from that, I just don’t think that “extreme couponing” is practical.

Bucksome Boomer posts about ways we leave money on the table.

A lot of times in our efforts to save money and reach financial goals we can lose sight of the little things. Below I’m going to list some ways in which a large number of people leave money on the table. In keeping with the Pareto Principle, I believe a lot of these issues can be addressed with little effort and can net you a pretty sum that you might be overlooking right now.

Press TV posts about how the Pentagon is Hemorrhaging money.

President Barack Obama has asked for about 700 billion dollars for military spending in the 2012 fiscal year, some 600 billion dollars for the Pentagon’s base budget and nearly 120 billion dollars for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And lastly (and most visually stimulating), I saw this posted around facebook. A visual representation of the U.S. Debt.

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Crystal Groves is a farmer, web developer, musician, blogger, and personal finance enthusiast from the back hills of Maryland and Pennsylvania. She started Money Drain as a project to encourage people interested in fixing their financial situation to share their stories and learn from the stories of others. We all make mistakes, but in order to change we have to make changes.

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