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Money In The News: Wedding Guest Debt, Frugal Healthy Eating, Mortgage Foreclosure Victims, Tesla Pays Off Federal Loan, Top 10 Mortgage Misconceptions

CNN Money posts an article about how your friends weddings can put you into debt, and how to avoid it.

If a destination wedding is going to break your budget, simply send your regrets, along with a gift, she said. And if you do decide to attend, it’s always acceptable to give a less-expensive or homemade wedding gift. posts about how frugal shopping doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t eat healthy.

If you want to save on your produce, check out your local farmer’s market or pick-you-own place. While farmer’s markets are often thought to be more expensive than the grocery store, they are usually considerably more affordable.

CNN Money also posts about how over 900k foreclosure victim borrowers were shortchanged in their mortgage settlement.

Checks meant to compensate mortgage borrowers who fell victim to foreclosure abuses have finally started arriving in mailboxes — but many of the checks have come up short.

And because I found this interesting, despite being another CNN Money Article, apparently Tesla paid their federal loan back nearly 10 years early.

Tesla Motors announced Wednesday that it has repaid a $465 million loan from the government nearly a decade before it was scheduled to do so. posts about the top 10 mortgage misconceptions.

Mortgage rates are only released once per day. Mortgage rates for all types of mortgages can change frequently, sometimes dramatically, throughout the day.

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