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Money in the News: Vancouver Hockey Fan Riot – What’s the cost?

Vancouver fans started rioting of their Stanley Cup loss on June 15, 2011. They lit trashcans and cars on fire, turned over cars, injured Boston fans, smashed windows to stores (including a Sears) and began looting in the streets.

Sad thing is, this isn’t the first time Vancouver fans have done this.

The cost of this type of riot? In 1994 it cost an estimate of $1.1 million dollars in damages. The numbers are still being figured for 2011 as efforts to clean-up ensue, but I’m guessing more. CBS News reports that the estimated damage so far will far exceed the 1994 riot.

If you love your beloved Vancouver so much, why cost it so much money? Especially in this economy. Acts of rioting like this could cost people their jobs and stability as stores and people try to recoup their losses.

I will post an estimate damage number when it is announced, because I’m curious.

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