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Money in the News: Job Alert!, Resource Alert!, Student Loan Bailouts, Auto-Budgeting Cards

Job Alert! The Consumerist posts that FedEx is hiring 20,000 employees for holiday season work.

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Also it looks like Sandy over at Yes I am Cheap is keeping a list of job openings for the 2011 Holiday Season. Worth checking out and bookmarking if you are looking for some work!

The Consumerist also posts about this new government initiative to bailout some student loans. Really getting tired of these bailouts, they are band-aids on top of a severed limb and not fixing the problem, folks.

The Obama administration has announced two initiatives to lower student loan payments for some borrowers. One, an update to the existing income-based repayment program, will cap loan payments at 10% of discretionary income for certain borrowers. The other proposal will let some borrowers merge older student loans with newer ones.

CNN Money posts about how postage stamps are going up again. Again, another band-aid on a gaping wound.

Forever stamps — also called first class stamps — will now cost 45 cents, a one cent bump. The change will go into effect Jan. 22.
That’s not the only change: Postcard postage will increase 3 cents to 32 cents. Letters to Canada and Mexico will jump 5 cents to 85 cents, while letters to other international destinations will spike 7 cents to $1.05.

New Resource Alert! NLC Invested has a new resource to help you pay off debt.

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Daily Finance posts about an upcoming credit card that is supposed to help prevent you from overspending [VIDEO].

Mastercard inControl Group allows a consumer to personalize a spending budget and some security perimeters for themselves. So if you want to control spending at restaurants, shopping, etc. you can put in your personal goal and get alerted when you are approaching it or exceeding it.

This is actually a pretty ingenius idea that allows consumers to receive reminders once they’ve figured out some budgeting on the max amount they want to spend at a certain store. I’m fully in support of it, but we still need better educational services on setting up these personal budgets.

And apparently this can be added to any kind of card, credit card, debit card, prepaid card, etc.

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