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Money in the News: Job Alert, BofA, Money Mistakes, Money Saving Habits, $1,000/year on Coffee

The Consumerist posts about how the Bank of America Debit Card Fiasco resulted in a 20% jump in closed accounts.

Though Bank of America surely expected a certain amount of attrition when it announced it would begin charging a monthly fee for some customers to use their debit cards to make purchases, it probably didn’t expect that it would see a full 20% increase in the number of customers saying “bye-bye” to BofA.

Jean posts a link/video to an interview about avoiding simple money mistakes.

Last week, released a list of 10 things you do to save money that actually end up costing you more. This morning, I went on Today to talk about this list and how you can avoid making these mistakes. To see why you should make an appointment with your dentist now — and why the cheapest products aren’t always the best buy — check out the video clip below.

Generation X Finance posts about five money saving habits you’ll want to learn this year.

Find an alternate means of acquiring things. Before you shell out a bunch of money to purchase something, really think about your options. Is it something that will eventually go on sale? Can you pick it up at a garage sale or thrift store? Is it something you can make yourself? Can you do without it altogether? So many purchases are made impulsively. Stop and take a moment to evaluate an item’s necessity in your household. If you find yourself wondering for a second if it is needed, don’t buy it!

Job Alert! CNN Money posts about 25 companies that will be hiring at least 700 openings each in 2012.

[View all Job Alerts]

The Consumerist posts about how American workers spend more than $1,000/year on coffee.

According to Accounting Principals’ latest Workonomix survey, the average American worker is shelling out more than $20 a week on coffee, for a yearly average of $1,092. Whereas commuting costs for the average worker come out to around $1,476 per year. And when you consider the volume of your typical coffee drink versus a gallon of gasoline, it looks like we place a higher value on our java jolt than we do on the 87 octane in our gas tanks.

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