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Money in the News: JC Penney 40% Markdown, Saving Money vs. Paying Debt, Saving Money with Raw Food, 9 Ways to Waste Money, Saving Money Infographic

The Consumerist posts about J.C. Penney is doing away with sales and marking down all merchandise 40%.

No more waiting for items to go on sale at JCPenney, as the company has announced it’ll be marking all of its merchandise down by at least 40%. The move is part of a new pricing plan aimed at getting customers into its doors more regularly.

Could be a good move, I’m interested in seeing how it turns out.

Smart On Money posts about 9 common ways you could be wasting your money.

Interest rates and fees: Call your credit card company and ask for a lower rate on your credit card. In some cases, especially if you are a good customer, you can get a reduction of 2% to 3%. You can also call your bank to ask for fees to be waived. My bank waives one overdraft fee each calendar year — just for the asking. It never hurts to ask if you can have fees waived if you are late once or twice on a payment. posts about which is more important – Saving Money or Paying off Debt?

Saving money vs. paying off debt: The debate is always raging. When you have to make the choice between blasting through debt and establishing precautionary funds in case of a financial emergency, the right course of action is rarely self-evident.

One Green Planet posts about 10 great tips for saving money with raw food.

2. Juice pulp: Use your left over juice pulp and make delicious raw dehydrated crackers (especially if you use a centrifugal juicer that leaves soppy pulp). I might also mention here that it’s wise to invest in a dehydrator if you have a pretty high raw diet. You will save money by making your own raw crackers, granola, breads, etc. Otherwise, use the pulp in vegan crackers or muffins that you bake in the oven. You can also top your salad with the left over juice pulp for some extra roughage. No need to waste that pulp by throwing it out when it can be the base of yummy raw crackers, snacks, and enhancing your salad.

Daily InfoGraphic creates an info graphic with tips on saving money.

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