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Money in the News: Budgeting More and Another Job Alert!

Credit Sesame posts about 10 things you can cut from your budget right now.

2. Ink cartridges
The inevitable happens: you’re low on ink. The $20 or more per cartridge sounds prohibitively expensive, but with stores like Cartridge World, you can get all your cartridges re-filled for half the price. It’s affordable, convenient, and super easy as the staff tends to be knowledgeable in this niche.

Eatocracy posts about a food stamp challenge on eating on $30/week.

There is no room for waste, and one bad choice is all it takes to go hungry. If a jar of pasta sauce breaks an entire meal could be lost.

I spend all of my $30 before realizing I’ve forgotten sauce for my box of pasta. The peppers I’d initially regretted buying come in handy and along with three tomatoes I make my own sauce. Cooking big pots of food is a necessary strategy.

Daily Finance posts about 7 celebrities who are now broke.

1. Houston McTear, the World’s Fastest Human
In his case, it was rags to riches to rags. As a high school junior in 1975, he ran the 100-yard dash in 9.0 seconds to tie the world record. He soon sprinted from the poverty of his Florida Panhandle shack that he shared with seven brothers and sisters to enjoy newfound fame in Los Angeles. He trained under the auspices of Muhammad Ali and Harold Smith, a shady character the boxing champ assigned to run his track club. The club went under, Smith was convicted of embezzling $21 million from a Beverly Hills Wells Fargo, and McTear lost all his support. He couldn’t outrun drugs and slept for three years on Santa Monica Beach.

Job Alert! The Consumerist posts about more companies that will be hiring this holiday season. A good heads up for those looking for temporary work to hold them over.

Free From Broke posts about how you should budget now for the holidays before it is too late.

Typically when a person goes Christmas shopping and there is no budget, then this gives the illusion of having no limits – and no limits often leads to January credit card bills that hurt. Designing a budget helps you to avoid that steep downhill in January; and this helps to keep the happiness of the Christmas holidays lasting well into the new year.

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