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Money in the News: 8 States Raising Minimum Wage, Saving Money, American Spending

CNN Money posts about how 8 states are planning to raise the minimum wage this year.

Colorado, Montana, Ohio, Washington and Oregon recently announced their 2012 minimum wages, which contain bumps ranging from 28 cents to 37 cents per hour. This translates into annual raises of between $582 and $770 for full-time workers at that end of the pay scale depending on where they live.

Money Talk News posts about 30 tips to spend less and save money.

Stop buying things you can get free. From books (use the library) to long distance (try Skype) to checking accounts (credit unions) there are ways to find things free that you might otherwise pay for.
Do Christmas (and other gift-giving holidays) shopping year-round, so you can buy almost all your presents on sale or clearance. Just keep track of who’s getting what so you don’t mix things up or buy too many gifts.

Economist posts a graph of what American’s are currently spending their money on. Processed vegetables top the list for sure.

AMERICANS are spending less on clothes and eating out and more on household fuel bills and healthcare, according to data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics. Between 2007 and 2010, average annual consumer spending per unit—defined as a family/shared household or single/financially independent person—fell by 3.1% to $48,109.

On the same note, The Consumerist posts about how American’s spend about 68 billion on Halloween.

Even when the economy is shuffling along like a zombie, American aren’t scared to spend big bucks on Halloween. A recent survey says the average person will spend $72.32 on Halloween — or about $6.8 billion nationwide.

Business Insider posts a bill-by-bill guide to saving money on your monthly expenses.

Use Bill Shrink to Find Better Carriers/Plans: First, make sure you’re getting the best deal. If your contract is up and you’re interested in shopping around for a different wireless provider, BillShrink is a service we’ve discussed previously that can help you find a carrier that offers similar service to what you’re used to, and can save you some money in the process. Just select your current wireless provider, tell Billshink how much you spend for service now and the level of service you get, and BillShrink will show you options from your current and competing wireless carriers.

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