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Money in the News: $57,000 Cellphone, A for Health, $10,000 Storage Unit, Link and Job Alert

Daily Finance posts about a $57,000 cellphone. (Really???)

Russian billionaires are getting so rich that not even ordinary cell phones will do anymore. A Danish company has created an 18-carat, limited edition cell phone that will retail for more than $57,000. The target buyer? Moscow’s fashionistas and monied elite.

Resource Alert!TechCrunch posts about a new site that is the “ for health insurance”.

The startup, which I first wrote about back in May, is hoping to become the ‘Mint for Health Insurance‘. At the time it was in a limited private beta, and now, at the TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield, Cake is opening to the public. Oh, and the TC Disrupt Judges love it. posts a life story about one persons $10,000 storage unit.

It got me thinking about why I’d stashed all this stuff in the first place — and I had plenty of time to think as I hauled mountains of papers and ancient electronics to the town dump. Over the decades, I’d paid well over $10,000 — $10,000! — to stockpile these motley items, an amount far exceeding their value.

New Resource Alert! is a new site that lets you sell off some of that old jewelry when a relationship goes awry.

Job Alert!CNN Money posts about how Macy’s will create 78,000 temporary holiday jobs this year. This is your heads up if you are looking for some work to hold you over.

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