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Money Drain: $2500 Stolen While Mourning Her Husbands Death

CBC News in Canada posted a recent news article on an elderly woman that was scammed out of $2500 just after the death of her husband.

“I received a call from a lady stating she was from Sunnybrook Hospital,” Mason said. “Because she had known my husband has been in Sunnybrook for so long. And could she just come and just see that I was being cared for in the way that they thought I should be looked after.”

Mason said once Williams was inside her house, she distracted her by requesting a cup of tea.

“She wanted to see that my health card was okay and my credit card was okay,” said Williams. “Then she asked for a cup of tea. I went into the kitchen and made it for her. Just two days later when I went to look for [my credit card], I couldn’t find it.”

Mason called her daughter-in-law, who advised her to notify the credit card company and the police.

Police allege Williams stole Mason’s credit card then maxed it out with $2,000 in purchases at a jewelry store and at Staples and Wal-Mart.

Lesson Learned:
There are a couple things that could have been done differently here. I would verify credentials on anyone entering my home unrequested (as in, if I requested a cable guy, then I would be less concerned than if one just showed up uninvited). I would not leave my credit card with anyone, nor leave it somewhere out in the open.

However I also understand being under a certain amount of duress due to the loss of her husband. I also understand the elderly being more trusting and/or less educated on these types of ordeals these days. I do think it’s our job as the younger generation to help protect our elders from this type of thing. As difficult as it might be, we’re obligated to try and make them knowledgeable on incidents like these.

Amount Flushed Down the Money Drain: $2500

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