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Guest Post & Money Tip: 10 Unexpected Perks of Declaring Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can sometimes be the best way of getting your life back to somewhere near normal after a prolonged period of receiving stressful phone calls from your ever persistent creditors. You will no doubt have tried to arrange … Continue reading

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Guest Post and Money Tip: How to Save Money on Life Insurance

As with all other things we buy, we are always on the lookout to get the cheapest possible price and life insurance is no different to anything else in this regard. Competition is part of our commercial environment and as … Continue reading

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Money Tip: Christmas is Over, Here’s What You Do Now

Now that Christmas is over, and many of you are coming down off the Holiday clouds and getting your feet back into the workforce (except for me, I have off till January 3rd :)), now is the time to start … Continue reading

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