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Money In the News: Saving Money and Being Frugal

MSN Money posts about 8 ways to get richer this year. Take your discipline (or lack thereof) completely out of the equation by automating your savings. Save before you see the money by transferring it automatically from every paycheck into … Continue reading

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Money Drain: $300 Lost Literally Down the Drain

My husband is not really known for doing fix-its around the house in a timely manner, this time was no exception. We’ve had a dripping noise coming from the bathroom for a while now, which after a length of time … Continue reading

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Success Story: How I Went form 525 FICO to 780 Fico

If you’ve ever taken time to read our About Page, you’d know that I used to have a pretty horrific FICO score (525) before I started taking my finances seriously. This was around 2005, right when Hurricane Katrina hit and … Continue reading

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