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Money Drain: Lost over $40,000 by being babied

My great aunt ran a sewer and drain cleaning business, which my uncle (her son) worked for as a parent/child partnership in the business. Since my aunt has been getting older, she decided to hang up the towel and close … Continue reading

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Money Tip: Christmas is Over, Here’s What You Do Now

Now that Christmas is over, and many of you are coming down off the Holiday clouds and getting your feet back into the workforce (except for me, I have off till January 3rd :)), now is the time to start … Continue reading

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Guest Post and Money Tip: 7 Simple but Smart Guidelines for Single Parents to Save Money

Being single again and managing your family all by yourself is certainly not a rosy experience. In fact, it’s quite a difficult job for a single parent to run the family with only one income. Situation can get worsened if … Continue reading

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