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Guest Post and Money Tip: Six Ways to Make it Through Paychecks

This is a guest post by Emma Jorgensen. Emma Jorgensen likes to write about finance, shopping & credit score ratings. The biggest problem that most people have these days is stretching their cash from one week to the next. With … Continue reading

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Money Drain: $471 Lost Reselling an Old Purchase

This is another story from my own personal experiences. In Highschool I was a very much into Xena: Warrior Princess. When the VHS seasons started being advertised, they would go for $99/season. I gradually over a couple years saved up … Continue reading

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Money in the News: Government Money, Lies about Savings, Bank Transfer Day, Money Infographic

I apologize for less frequent posts as of late, I am dealing with my last ailing grandparent and some mundane distractions. But rest assured I am gun-ho about the site and plan to get a lot of posts scheduled over … Continue reading

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